Can Small Businesses Win Multiple Award Contracts (MACS)?

Yes, but in the following limited circumstances.

Huge professional services and information technology MACs have a small portion of the budget set-aside for small businesses. Small businesses experienced in the market have the best chance of winning a MAC but newcomers can win them with the right qualifications and experience.

GSA schedules are ideal MACs for small business because:

  • Schedules are open to small businesses and large commercial companies without government experience.
  • Schedules are government-wide MACS covering almost all products and services and any agency can place an order with any company holding a GSA schedule.
  • Most importantly, GSA schedules are always open for a proposal as opposed to all other MACS which open and close for a set bidding period. The door slams shut at the closing date for proposals for non-GSA schedule MACs and only the winners can participate in fulfilling orders for billions over 5 years or more.

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