Do you have what it takes to win government business?

Going after government contracting dollars is not for the faint of heart. Download my new eBook “The Hidden Secrets of Federal Contracts: A seven-page eBook for CEOs with money to invest in the federal market” and get the facts before you take the plunge.

Don’t kid yourself; selling to the government is a daunting process. It takes dedication, time and money. Before you spend another minute on the effort download my complimentary eBook, “The Hidden Secret of Winning Federal Contracts.” My latest eBook focuses on cold, hard facts, and the reality that selling to the government is not for everybody. If you can’t meet the criteria set-forth in his eBook, you best take a pass and focus your business efforts elsewhere.

The Hidden Secrets of Winning Federal Contracts explains the “real” rules of contracting, not the federal government’s public version of the rules. The government purposely makes it difficult for a vendor to succeed, this eBook will explain why, and how you can work through the obstacles. The eBook details all topics integral to pursuing federal sales, topics include:

Federal vs Commercial Market
Various types of federal contracts available
Proposal Writing
When to bid, when to pass
Different types of sales programs

I am available to readers for questions and consultations; my contact data is included in the eBook.

The federal market presents unlimited opportunities as long as your management team has a complete understanding of the market. Based on my many years of personal experience in this business, I provide detailed information and perspective on the marketplace.

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